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04 November 2007 @ 04:16 pm
Wow. Hi. This community is dead!
OK. I don't even ship GSR and I feel bad for this community.
We need an idea.
Hold on, I'll think of one.
I got it.
Wait I lost it.
Well OK how about everybody tells about their worst anti encounters?
maybe not.
What about every one gives us some pro-gsr statements/jokes/etc. and we can make some icons? Icons never hurt anyone.
Come on guys.
Even though I don't ship this I think I will cry if this community dies, because i created it.

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16 October 2007 @ 12:05 am
*clears throat*

Eggy be now maintainer of community. All worship the Egg...and POST, godamn it, POST!

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02 October 2007 @ 08:52 pm
Isn't talkCSI the most fun place ever at the moment?

Generally caused be over moderation. If we were allowed to 'argue' with the antis when they make stupid statements, they would have scarpered a long time ago.
The latest was in the GSR thread. Not allowed to talk about Sara? Hmm, because that makes sense. The truth is that she's an anti and doesn't want us talking freely.

Bite me.

The Jorja thread? It was started by a newbie, typically, and all the antis jumped on her statement. If some GSRers hadn't defended the ship the mod (let's face it there's only one) wouldn't have come in. *sigh*
The billy hottness thread is a whole different story, which I won't go into, but no one will be posting there for the foreseeable future. ;)

I think I've ranted enough. XD
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16 September 2007 @ 08:35 am
Hello we are Eggo-B the combined forces of Choco-B (a.k.a. sexymedicine ) and Eggy (a.k.a. eggb4thechicken)

And now that this community has 13 members ( actually it has 15 but 2 of those are not real) we decided to have a discussion type post.
Yes we are aware that we created this community over a month ago, and havent done anything with it. Which is sad considering that people took the time to join, look at poor turtlebaby_02 she got a LJ for us, and she cant drive it. So anyways we are not quite sure why it has taken so long to post something here. Choco started highschool and is being waited down by honors classes. Eggy is busy...doing what choco is not quite sure. She suspects eggy is reading smutt. But that dosnt matter. What matters is that we need to stay Pro-GSR we have like 11 days (we think, we are not quite sure as choco dosnt count and eggy dosnt live in america so she dosnt have a premier time) and Im sure once the premier airs we will have a lot more gsr hating going on. And its getting to the point where people inside the GSR ship have started getting testy. So now lets just have some discussion. Okay? Okay.

Some points to discuss:

1) I got this in a PM from sarahvma, and I thought it was an exelent point:
"[the anti-GSR shippers] main argument is that no one is watching CSI because of GSR. Yet they hate GSR the most, and they're still watching. "

2) This came up in a PM between Eggy and Choco:
Do anti-GSR shippers only dislike GSR simply because its cannon? Even shippers of 2 ships whi share one character tend to team up, put aside the fact that they are enemies(in the shipping world) and bash/hate GSR. Why? Because we are cannon.
Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

Yes and that is all we have for now we will return eventually with more coherent posts. We promise.  Dont hurt us. 
*All spelling errors are Choco's...its not her fault, she was born this way*
10 August 2007 @ 03:00 pm

 Hi, welcome to Pro_GSR, the community for keeping up GSR optimism and sharing bad experiences with those anti-gsr people you have come across.

06 August 2007 @ 03:31 pm
 Ok so first off, welcome and as stated this is a pro-GSR community. Here we give our fellow GSRers a place to rant about all forms of GSR bashing they have seen. I will have some rules up shortly, as well as fixing up this comm(as soon as my fellow moderator gets off her lazy butt and helps me :P)
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